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Haworthia / Gasteria / Aloe

Gasteria / Aloe

Gasterias, Haworthia, and Aloes are a drought tolerant low maintenance succulent. Perfect for terrariums or plantings requiring less water and attention.



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Succulent Assortment - Aloes & Haworthias
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Assortment includes four different varieties of aloes and haworthias...
Aloe "Black Gem"
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Also known as Alworthia Black Gem, Aloe Black Gem has waxy, dark green leaves and may sprout...
Pink Blush Aloe
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Variegated green leaves with serrated pink margins will grow more red in full sun...
Zebra Cactus (Haworthia attenuata)
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Small and slow growing, Haworthia attenuata are commonly known as Zebra Cactus due to...
Haworthia cymbiformis
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Haworthia cymbiformis, also called the Cathedral Window Plant...
Tiger Tooth Aloe
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Tiger Tooth Aloe has spiky leaves that are bright green, flecked with white...