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Ficus Bonsai Trees

Ficus Bonsai Trees

The ficus bonsai tree is a very hardy species of bonsai that easily adapts to many environments. Ficus bonsai trees generally produce broad thick leaves that sprout continuously from the top stems, making the bonsai tree very easy to prune.



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Bonsai - Golden Gate Ficus Bonsai
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This beautiful Golden Gate ficus bonsai tree is actually not as difficult ...
Taiwan Ficus Bonsai Tree
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Characterized by its trained "S" shape and soft glossy leaves, this ficus bonsai...

Golden Gate Ficus Starter Kit
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Ficus bonsai tree, aged 5-7 years old, measures between 10" and 14" tall ...
Bonsai - Ginseng Ficus Bonsai
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This ginseng ficus features a shorter bonsai style pot that accentuates the ...
Bonsai - Miniature Golden Gate Ficus Bonsai
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Miniature version of our popular Golden Gate Ficus. This ficus bonsai tree...