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Product Index
809320-03American Hackberry Bonsai Seeds
809260-03American Hackberry Bonsai Seed Kit
809310-03Japanese Trident Maple Bonsai Seeds
809250-03Japanese Trident Maple Bonsai Seed Kit
804210-03Chinese Sweetgum Bonsai Seeds
804150-03Chinese Sweetgum Bonsai Seed Kit
804270-03Norway Spruce Bonsai Seeds
804200-03Norway Spruce Bonsai Seed Kit
804240-03Hinoki Cypress Bonsai Seeds
804170-03Hinoki Cypress Bonsai Seed Kit
809420-03American Larch Bonsai Seeds
809410-03American Larch Bonsai Seed Kit
804220-03Coastal Redwood Bonsai Seeds
804160-03Coastal Redwood Bonsai Seed Kit
805810-03Japanese Wisteria Bonsai Seeds
805800-03Japanese Wisteria Bonsai Seed Kit
809350-03Japanese Flowering Apricot Bonsai Seeds
809290-03Japanese Flowering Apricot Bonsai Seed Kit
805770-03Atlas Cedar Bonsai Seeds
805760-03Atlas Cedar Bonsai Seed Kit
809330-03American Persimmon Bonsai Seeds
809270-03American Persimmon Bonsai Seed Kit
807150-03Japanese Flowering Cherry Bonsai Seeds
807180-03Japanese Flowering Cherry Bonsai Seed Kit
807170-03Twisted Pomegranate Bonsai Seeds
807200-03Twisted Pomegranate Bonsai Seed Kit
805790-03Corkbark Elm Bonsai Seeds
804250-03Japanese Black Pine Bonsai Seeds
804180-03Japanese Black Pine Bonsai Seed Kit
804260-03Japanese Red Maple Bonsai Seeds
804190-03Japanese Red Maple Bonsai Seed Kit
808700-03-KITDesert Rose Bonsai Starter Kit
801470-03Satsuki Azalea - White Blossom
805970-03Large Satsuki Azalea - Pink Blossom
801860-03Satsuki Azalea - Red Ruby Gem
801110-02Satsuki Azalea - Purple
809030-03Large Satsuki Azalea - Red Ruby Gem
801460-03Satsuki Azalea - Pink Blossom
804390-03Japanese Green Maple Bonsai
807050-03Japanese Coral Bark Maple
808490-03Japanese 'Butterfly' Maple
807670-03Japanese Mikawa Yatsubusa Maple
807850-03Japanese Maple 'Autumn Moon'
807860-03Dwarf Japanese Maple 'Sharps Pygmy'
809230-03-KITDwarf Japanese Red Maple Bonsai Starter Kit
809160-03Red Laceleaf Japanese Maple
807030-03Dwarf Japanese Red Maple Bonsai
808860-03Chinese Fringe-Flower
809580-03Large Brush Cherry
801620-03Miniature Golden Gate Ficus
805730-03Small Ponytail Palm
800500-03-KitGolden Gate Ficus Starter Kit
800550-03Pomegranate Bonsai
809400-03Miniature Ginseng Ficus
801400-0310" Taiwan Ficus
800500-03Golden Gate Ficus
807980-03Cork Bark Jade Bonsai Portulacaria afra 'Frank'
809380-03Large Desert Rose Bonsai
803630-03Shohin Flowering Tea Tree
801960-03Jade Bonsai
101460-06Large Flowering Tea Tree (Fukien Tea)
803620-03-KITMiniature Little Ollie Olive Bonsai Starter Kit
801610-03Miniature Flowering Tea Tree
806210-03Lavender Star Bonsai
803660-03Grand Flowering Tea Tree (Fukien Tea)
808700-03Desert Rose Bonsai
801090-03-KITFlowering Tea Tree Starter Kit
801090-03Flowering Tea Tree (Fujian/Fukien Tea)
807820-03Scots Pine Bonsai
808980-03Little Leaf Olive Bonsai
800580-03Young Juniper
805610-03Miniature Spruce Bonsai
805620-03Miniature Cedar Bonsai
806160-03Grand Trained Juniper
806230-03Hemlock Bonsai
809620-03Showcase Trained Juniper Bonsai
803720-03Medium Rock Juniper
803720-03-KITMedium Rock Juniper Starter Kit
113900-01-KitTrained Juniper Bonsai Starter Kit
121520-01Succulent Soil Mix
800640-03Large Rock Juniper
101500-06Holly Goshiki (Osmanthus)
805600-03Miniature Mugo Pine Bonsai
806200-03Pyracantha 'Firethorn' Bonsai
808320-03Flowering Quince Bonsai
800560-03-KitRock Juniper Starter Kit
801790-03-setJuniper Starter Kit
809370-03Traditional Juniper - Clay Pot
109060-01Hand Trowel
805590-03Large Trained Rock Juniper
803810-03Trained Juniper Bonsai
809530-03Wired Trained Juniper Bonsai
801260-02Miniature Yaupon Holly
807660-03Crepe Myrtle Bonsai
808890-03Yaupon Holly
800560-03Rock Juniper
100430-01Kyoto Moss Spores
800270-02Square Glass Short
800083-05Mini Square Favor
800210-05White Sake Cup Favor